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[Arknights] [BI-EX-8] (Challenge Mode) Break the Ice event (Exusiai + Fartooth + Ifrit) (ver.2)

[Arknights] [BI-EX-7] (Challenge Mode) Break the Ice event

This is the Top Operator Transfer Permit from Near Light event.

Expiration date
List of operators
List of operators
Surtr is my choice
Surtr Elite 2 information
Surtr’s speech line

Although I could have chosen another option, such as Passenger, because Surtr will be available in store around November, however, there will be so much content between now and then that having Surtr and raising her earlier has many advantages.

 Wild Mane

Wild Mane E1
Wild Mane E1
Wild Mane E2 promotion material
Wild Mane E2 promotion material
Wild Mane E2 speech
Wild Mane E2 speech
Wild Mane E2
Wild Mane E2
Obtained Ptilopsis from random tag
Ptilopsis Potential 3
Ptilopsis Token
Ptilopsis Potential 4

Series: Icefield Messenger Carnelian’s winter outfit in Leithanien / Hohenlohe Chillysand. A traditional Leithanian women’s trenchcoat with a pair of animal skin shawls and fleece gloves. Fear not the cold.

“Hailing from a fiery country, a heart of boiling blood mixed with the frigid cold. When wind and snow meet, all must seek safe haven.”

Carnelian Outfit Information
Purchase Carnelian Outfit
Hohenlohe Chillysand

 Original Post

It may be out of date (it does not account for recent operators such as Skalter), but it is still useful as a general reference, for preparing an operator to withstand  Aak S3.


Integrated Strategies: Phantom & Crimson Solitaire will soon be live on July 14, 10:00 (UTC-7). Here is a brief introduction about the game system of Integrated Strategies. Hope this can help you during your exploration.

/images/log2/blog07-12-22/IS2_1.jpg /images/log2/blog07-12-22/IS2_2.jpg /images/log2/blog07-12-22/IS2_3.jpg